Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Early Spring

It's not supposed to be this warm at the end of March. This year the big thaw must have been around the first half of March. There wasn't that much snow to melt and the ground is now fairly dry. Dry enough to kneel on the ground and not immediately have wet knees.

It was shirt sleeve weather today when I went over and visited the berm. The buds were starting to swell on the maples, alders and populars. I saw a few sluggish house flies hanging out on the twigs of the sapling maples. I also saw a couple of spider webs with tiny spiders sitting in the middle of them.

First post

The mandate of this blog is to record the observations from a small treeplanting project on some city property along West Hunt Club Road in Ottawa Canada. I'll try to keep it updated weekly with observations.