Friday, November 25, 2011

Marching into the sunset

I have a new Fuji F550 camera that I'm still learning how to use. Here is the best picture I took today of the pylons marching into the sunset. It is surprisingly difficult to get the colours right. The pink of the sky is about right but the ground wasn't as dark as it looks.

These pylons are actually quite impressive if you think about them. They're about 150ft high and 200 to 300m apart. That means there are over a thousand transmission towers involved in carrying the electricity from the nearest large power plant to Ottawa. They carry the main 500kV transmission lines from the Lennox generating station into Ottawa. They also carry an older 230kV transmission line that goes on a more direct route through Almonte from Toronto to Ottawa. A third more local distribution line carries power at 115kV to Kanata.(map pdf)

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  1. An interesting post - something to add -- if you wonder what the source mix is at any particular hour, here is a cool link==> "Where is my Electricity Coming from this Hour?" At 10:30 on Saturday 57% is nuclear, 24% hydro, wind is 6% (that's high) gas is 10%, coal is 2%, other is 1% (probably solar)