Saturday, May 5, 2012

Northern Crab Spider

I came across this beautiful little green spider yesterday evening as i was out inspecting the 2011 trees. The light was very poor so I didn't catch much of the detail of this little guy but you can make out the unique pattern on its abdomen. The bug guide identifies him as Mecaphesa asperata one of the crab spiders. Crab spiders are camouflage specialists, they don't spin webs, instead they hang out in likely locations, such as flowers, where insects are likely to land and then just wait for the insects to come to them. I must say, I don't expect this guy fooled too many insects. He doesn't blend in well with a dead red maple twig.

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  1. Thanks for giving us the name of that spider. I receive your posts by RSS and in the email the photograph appeared on top : I thought it showed small leaves emerging from a bud.I was fooled so maybe some insect will!