Monday, October 1, 2018

Tornado 2018

Last Friday a tornado swept through Craig Henry just north of Manordale knocking down trees and damaging many roofs. Yesterday I went over to the Bruce Pit to check out the damage to the forest there. The tornado took out the heart of the forest south of the pit there, about 30 acres of mature forest all told. As you can see in the above picture many trees were snapped off, and many more were uprooted. I find it amazing how localized the damage is. The path of destruction is only about 200 to 300 meters wide. Here in Manordale, about 500 meters south of the tornado's path, I watched the storm pass while standing at the front door. There were a couple of good severe gusts but the rainstorm was quite brief and not exceptionally heavy. I was a bit surprised that the power cut out and I only really became aware of the extent of the damage in Craig Henry and Arlington Woods on Monday.

As for the roadside berm area, I only noticed one large poplar tree knocked down close to Ben Franklin Park. I feel the roadside area got off quite lightly considering the wind gusts I saw from my house. The hybrid cottonwood poplar trees grow extremely quickly but seem to have a weak grasp on the ground.

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