Sunday, April 15, 2012

European Fire Ant

I wasn't sure about my identification of the ant from the previous posting so I went back to see if I could get a better image. The above is the result. I think it is a pretty clear image. You can almost count the segments on the antenna. There should be 12. You can more clearly see the rugged sculpting of the head and thorax. You can clearly see the 2 backward facing spines on the propodeum that is distinctive of the myrmica genus.

I haven't been bitten by them and don't intend to try but it is interesting that these guys are around as the location isn't particularly moist and it is said that they like a moist environment. I had no problem finding them as there were several under a leaf just a few inches from where I photographed the previous one. I suspect the nest is not far, perhaps under a log nearby.

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  1. I did get bitten by some of these ants the other day when I picked up a mulch ring that an ant colony had incorporated into their nest. I didn't realize the mulch ring was full of ants until I felt the pain in my finger. When I noticed the ants crawling all over it I dropped it pretty quickly. They have a pretty good sting.