Friday, April 27, 2012

Two Wet Rabbits

This past week has been cold and wet, really putting a halt to the warm dry spring we have been having. It isn't over yet, as we are forecast to have a couple more nights of frost before we get some warmer weather. There has been very little growth of buds and little in the way of flowers or insects to photograph.

Last evening I came across these two wet rabbits enjoying a soggy silflay at the corner of the mowed path around the square. I didn't see any rabbit tracks all winter in this area but now here are two rabbits coming to the area again. I've seen a couple of rabbits get frisky back at the house so I suspect it is mating time for these guys which drives them out to go seek mates away from their winter home territories. That spot at the corner of the path had been a popular rabbit hangout spot in 2010 but in 2011 I rarely saw rabbits there. There is a clear animal path that goes from a hole under the fence along the back of Kimdale St. up the berm towards this area. The thing I don't know is if that path connects up with a larger network of animal paths throughout the area, or if it is mainly just local rabbits that create this path as they go between their favourite spots in their territory.

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