Friday, February 10, 2012

coyote tracks in snow

Here is the track of a coyote that visited the berm area a few days ago. It walked along a ski trail heading towards the north-east corner of the triangle. I consulted the internet (link) to make sure it wasn't a dog track. The track is 2.375" long and 1.875" inches wide. You can see the X pattern that forms between the pads of the coyote track. For comparison below is the track of the dog (Irish Setter ?) of the person who commonly skis along the ski track. His or her track is 3.5" long and 2.875" wide. You can see that the dog's toes are more splayed out and the X pattern is less pronounced.

In addition to the shape and size another factor that helps confirm it is a coyote track is that the animal didn't wander around too much. The animal proceeded in a straight line heading directly towards the raspberry bushes in the corner even when the ski track turned away from the bushes. According to the internet, dogs tend to zig-zag and wander around more than coyotes.

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