Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Curious Jumping Spider

This little Jumping Spider was initially quite camera shy. It hid from the camera; at first it backed away from the camera keeping the elderberry stem between it and the camera; then it backed up into the whorl of small leaves at the top of the stem. I continued to take pictures of it and after a while it decided to come out and investigate what this strange animal with the very large eye was.

Perhaps I'm anthropomorphizing the little spider too much, but I can't shake the impression that the little guy was curious about the camera and came out to take a better look. With those two big eyes it is so much easier to empathize with Jumping Spiders than it is with other spiders and bugs.

1 comment:

  1. These little spiders are a curious lot. They do investigate anything new and with their moving head and big eyes one really gets the impression of an encounter... I just love them! I always keep in mind that a close-up lens acts as a mirror, offering them a reflexion. I guess they are wondering who that other spider is... I agree it is easier to relate to them than other species.